Music & Drama


St Christopher’s School enjoys a rich tradition in music and its varied disciplines. Music at St Christopher’s School develops children’s self esteem, confidence and learning skills, providing opportunities for self- expression, enjoyment, team building and co-operation.

Children are actively encouraged to start an instrument for these reasons. A dedicated Music Co- ordinator and a team of peripatetic staff deliver individual and small group lessons in instruments such as Classical Guitar, Drums, Voice, Piano and Violin.

Please find below the relevant information.


Peripatetic Teacher


Contact Information

Session Information

Mr Lewis Edmunds

(Music Co-ordinator)


(01227) 462 960

Tuesday Mornings

(20/30 minutes)

Mr D’Arton Bellas

Classical Acoustic Guitar

(01304) 823 164

Wednesday Mornings

(20 minutes)

Mr R. Golding



Thursday Mornings

(20 minutes)

Ms M. Harris



Monday Mornings

(20 minutes)

Mrs A. Wyatt

Violins (01227) 462 960 Friday Mornings 

(20 Minutes)

Ms. L. Otter

Harmony Club (01227) 462 960 Tuesday Lunchtimes

(45 Minutes)


Drama at St Christopher’s School is embedded in the curriculum giving children the opportunity to express themselves creatively within and beyond the classroom in an entirely different way promoting self-confidence. We are fortunate to have links with lamda  (information below) and areas of the curriculum are reinforced with termly visits from Mr I. Crosher at Kic Theatre.

Peripatetic Teacher
Contact Information
Session Information
Mrs A. Saint

(Little Yoga Club) Fridays


Mrs C. Beddow


Wednesday (Lunchtimes)

Mr I. Crosher Please contact the school office for more information One Session Per Term Per Class (Whole School)