Key Stage 2

Key Stage two at Christopher’s builds on the strong foundations laid by Early Years and Key Stage One. As our pupils progress through the Key Stage they move from a more hands on practical learning to the more academic and rigorous approach they will find in secondary school.

Children continue to have access to a wide and varied curriculum. They will receive expert tuition through specialist teachers in Music, Art, French, Spanish and in Year 6 Mandarin Chinese. Although we are rightly proud of the opportunities we offer our children, the core areas of English and mathematics remain our prime focus.

Our success rates in local grammar entrance tests reflects our commitment to provide our pupils with the literacy and numeracy skills required for them to thrive in the secondary sector. We achieve our results through encouraging our pupils work hard and through high expectations. All teachers have high expectations of pupils and, perhaps more importantly, we harbour a culture that develops pupils’ own high expectations of themselves.

We are very proud of the Sports and PE curriculum offered to our pupils at St Christopher’s School. Our pupils in Key Stage 2 take part in numerous inter school competitions and events, which prepares them well for secondary school. By introducing our Key Stage 2 pupils to a wider range of Sports, taught by professional coaches at large professional sports facilities, our children learn a vast array of skills. Accompanied with improving our pupils sporting abilities on the field, they also benefit from learning important life skills such as the importance of good team-work, determination and always giving 100%.

More information on our curriculum can be found across our website:

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