Early Years

At St Christopher’s school Reception and Pre reception classes children follow their own, bespoke Curriculum drawing from the strengths of the EYFS curriculum but with the flexibility of developing each child’s learning at a level that is suited to their individual needs. Encompassing children’s personal interests and innovative and child friendly learning topics, 100% of the Reception children in 2017 achieved and exceeded the national Early Learning Goals and Age expected standards.

The following three areas underpin planning and assessment for all children

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

We then aim to develop the childrens’ learning further in the following areas

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • Music
  • PE
  • Swimming
  • Dance
  • Computing

Learning takes place inside in a creative and stimulating area and outside the classroom in a bespoke, designated outdoor space. We encourage our children to become independent, committed and enthusiastic learners by providing a wide range of interesting and challenging activities. We extend children’s learning by incorporating their interests and experiences and we celebrate their learning through displays, assemblies and photos.

Parents are welcomed into the classroom to meet teachers and support staff daily. Staff and parents have a shared interest in the children’s progress through ‘eyLog’.

EyLog enable school staff to share the child’s learning journey with parents, thereby increasing the parents’ participation in the child’s activities in school. In addition parents can contribute to the learning journey with observations from their home, leading to a more comprehensive record of the child’s early years.

Core subjects are a focus everyday in Early Years. Children take part in a unique ‘Snack Maths’ lesson whereby they are taught to count and calculate coins and other maths equipment to buy a healthy snack. Through this daily learning experience the children have developed excellent number skills. Pupils take part in one-to-one reading everyday as well as group guided reading sessions to explore and share their collaborative interest in literacy.

Pupils enjoy specialist sports teaching on-site. In addition Reception and full time Pre Reception children enjoy the benefits of professional sports coaching at an extensive range of off-site sports facilities in tennis and swimming. The children also join in with whole school sports events and parents are invited to come along to join in the fun

The children have access to our school’s secluded garden. They have been able to grow a range of vegetables and fruits and last autumn produced a very impressive crop of pumpkins.

This Spring term the children place eggs in an incubator in their classroom and care for the chicks when they are hatched. So far this learning experience has been invaluable in spring, building the children’s understanding in Science, Maths and English.

Computing is an integral part of the curriculum and all children benefit from interactive whiteboards in the classrooms in addition to computing lessons using a wide range of resources.

Drama is an important part of the St Christopher’s life and even our youngest Pre Reception children are encouraged to become confident performers; they take part in Christmas and Easter plays and class assemblies.

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