At St Christopher’s School we don’t like bullying of any kind. If you ever feel upset or worried at the way someone is treating you, talk to an Anti-Bullying Ambassador or an adult you trust. If you feel you can tell someone by writing it down or are worried to say it, put a letter in the worry box in the school library.

With your parents click on the links below and discover ways to stop bullying or who to tell. More importantly how to respect each other.

Information, videos and games about bullying and what to do.

Some information on bullying.
The Anti-Bullying Alliance is the company that runs ‘Anti-Bullying’ week. Keep an eye out for this week in November!


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 2017-2018

Class Representatives
Staff Leader Ms. Keam
Year 1 Holly & Droon
Year 2 Daisy
Year 3 Sophie
Year 4 Lydia
Year 5 Sophia
Year 6 Jack

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors hold regular meetings. You can view minutes from these meetings at pupils/school-council