About the School

“Welcome to St Christopher’s, a unique school in the Canterbury area. Unique in that we are the only independent primary school whose goal is for each child to maximize his or her potential by the time they reach the age of 11. At this age the children take their 11+ test to decide on their secondary education. We are very proud to say that without any pre-selection, normally over 90% of our children move on to grammar schools. However, we are not just an academic institution; we do offer a very broad and balanced curriculum. In music for instance, half of the pupils are now involved in individual tuition on a variety of instruments, ranging from flute and drums to violins and cellos with brass and woodwind in between. There is an active school choir and orchestra, and in the past year have made strong links with Kent College, both as participants in joint musical events and spectators of their productions. We have a harmony choir made up from pupils who have more advanced singing ability. Our on-site sport facilities are modest but we are fortunate that we are able to access the full use of the Kent County Cricket Club’s grounds and within that ground, the full use of the Kent Cricket Academy. We also make use of the Simon Langton Boys’ School Swimming Association Centre and Tennis and Hockey are taught at Polo Farm. Foreign languages are being developed rapidly in a recently refurbished suite. All children are now taught French and Spanish including a day trip to France which refines the practical application of the language. In addition, our Year 3 pupils have a weekly Mandarin Chinese session, which is taught by the Kent Chinese School. Year 6 can choose between Mandarin or Latin, taught by an in house enthusiast. The children do have fun, be it from old fashioned nature walks to high technology science workshops. There are day trips to places such as London, Dover and Canterbury itself and visits to venues such as the Archaeological Trust, local farms and heritage sites. Indeed St Christopher’s, since 1923, has continued to expand, to look outward and to take modern and worthwhile initiatives to hand while still managing to retain many of the old core practices that are so desirable. I think two things that spring to mind are that we are a traditional school with a modern approach and we are a school where the needs of the child come first. For new parents, the only way to positively demonstrate this is for you to come to St Christopher’s and see it working and to experience the atmosphere for yourself. I therefore encourage you to contact Mrs Angela Kemp to make an appointment. I look forward to meeting you.” David Evans. The Master